far beyond new galaxies

This Compilation is dedicated to the beautiful sounds around us,
to the great inspirations, the wonderful experiences, the phantastic
journeys, the stars in the sky and the holy mother earth

a trip into a new state of mind

A Cooperation Sampler by Aumega Project (Germany) & Nebular Silence (Argentina)

Aumega Project from Germany and Nebular Silence from Argentina, are close friendly netlabels which both have the determination to search and promote international artists with a penchant for psychedelic sounds and atmospheres, mind-blowing journeys with astonishing soundscapes and free improvisational pieces. They have already worked together in releases, radio specials and more. So they decided to release a cooperation sampler including all artsits from both netlabels.
This more than four hours long trip into a new state of mind also represents a union of artists from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America, whose music goes from Psychedelic, Krautrock, Avant-Garde, Space Rock to Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Electronic Music and more.

signs from celestial sphere

Lay back and take a trip to the Celestial Sphere !!!!!!!
Turn on, tune in, drop out !

on the way to wümme

a tribute album to faust

"There are several kinds of borrowing music: the witty quotation or the sophisticated interpretation… And also the miserable plagiarism.
In the album ‘On the Way to Wümme, A Tribute Album to Faust’ many artists have been invited to play some Faust pieces their own ways as a hommage to our art. I feel most honoured by their respective works."
Jean-Hervé Peron

We are a selection of various artists from many spaces on the planet who have joined this humble development to return the favour Faust gave to us. Their avant-garde, shocking, creative compositions made up of out of tune sections, electronic experiments, dadaist lyrics and psychedelic innovations have marked our ears forever as some of the best compositions in rock history. We pay tribute to them and reimagine some of our favourite Wümme-born group tunes rearranged and adapted to the new 21st century sound, exploring all musical possibilities. The artwork was made by an artist similarly inspired by the challenges brought to light through Faust's cathartic music.
This non-commercial production does not generate economic profit to anybody because its main objective is to promote our individual projects and Faust art as well, which is not as popular as it should be. This album is not only a tribute to one of greatest bands ever but it is also a union between more than twenty international artists with music as the only language in common, because it is one way of peace.